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Discover hidden events
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Join the community of trendsetting sponsors getting an early edge in event marketing

Discover event communities tailored for your goals

How it works

Plug in your objectives and our AI will take care of the rest

Find the perfect events using our Al, intuitive filters, or by crafting a comprehensive search profile. Provide your goals and parameters, and our system will pinpoint the events with the highest potential impact.

Evaluate event sponsorship opportunities with confidence

Our smart profiling system matches your brand with the most suitable events based on your goals and empowers you with advanced insights and valuation methodologies to fully vet sponsorship opportunities.

Start conversations and secure sponsorship opportunities before anyone else

Connect directly with sponsors through our platform to vet opportunities, secure early discounts, and gain early access to top sponsorships. Simply initiate a chat and unlock the best deals and insights.

Seal the deal with ease

After evaluating your choices, easily finalize agreements, make payments, and purchase sponsorships all within our platform. Streamline your process and secure the ideal partnership effortlessly.

Never make a bad event investment again

Discover tomorrows hidden communities

AI-powered predictions surfacing tomorrows hottest events matched with your goals in mind.

Buzz quantification engine bringing data to your decision

Analyzes billions of datapoints to model the rapidly accelerating buzz and momentum around communities and events.

Empower your evaluation with intelligence brand profiling

AI-powered profile mapping your brands sponsorship aims around target audiences, passions, key brand persona and more.

Predict your sponsorship ROI like never before

Bringing in your historical data, we will predict your expected ROI impact for events and communities activations.

Key Features
1000s of event communities to discover

Access our vast database of event communities

AI Driven event recommendations

Tailored event suggestions using advanced AI technology

Buzz quantification engine

Measure event trends with our cutting-edge technology

Intelligent brand profiling

Smart profiling aligns your brand with ideal events

Advanced event valuation methodology

Evaluate event worth with sophisticated methodologies

Event property taxonomy

Detailed categorization enhances event matchmaking

ROI based predictions

Predict ROI with precision for strategic decisions

Early sponsorship access and discounts

Get early access and discounts on sponsorships through our platform

A solution that’s needed for all clients

"Before using CoVent we had no real data driven way to find or evaluate events and communities. With CoVent we're now able to see the full picture based on our needs and have seen substantial returns from our event investments"

Elizabeth Buesgens,
Marketing Director, KMB Solutions

Thousands of events and communities to discover, with some of the largest events showcased

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Founders Forum
Location: London
Date: May 7 - 15
Attendees: 10,000
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WebSummit Rio
Location: Rio
Date: Apri 27 -30
Attendees: 10,000
OFFF Festival
Location: Barcelona
Date: Apr 4 - 6
Attendees: 4,000
Location: Austin, TX
Date: May 7 - 15
Attendees: 500,000